🎙 Pre-game interview | Tyson Carter: I have been thru tough obstacles that made me want to give up but I always work hard and push through them...❞

⇲ Tyson, the team seems to be enjoying the game as much as any other team, doing things and miracles, and continues to show to us all, that this year’s excellent run is not coincidental. What are the "secrets" of this success?
T.C.: ❝ The secrets to our success is that we put our focus on defense and we play very hard and we play together as a team. ❞

⇲ Many Greek players made careers in well-known teams that had a leading role in Greek and European basketball championships after they had played in a NCAA team. What does, according to you, an athlete gain by playing in an NCAA team?
T.C.: ❝ I think playing on a NCAA team brings along great experience and it is good competition and it prepares players for professional basketball. ❞

⇲ Have you ever faced obstacles that made you want to give up? In general, what is your attitude towards difficulties?
T.C.: ❝ I have been thru tough obstacles that made me want to give up but I always work hard and push through them. I think difficulties make you stronger mentally and prepare you for difficulties in the future. ❞

⇲ Who is your role model from the international basketball scene?
T.C.: ❝ I am a big fan of Kevin Punter! ❞

⇲ How difficult is life away from home and your family?
T.C.: ❝ Life away from my family is very difficult and I miss them a lot but it makes me focus on basketball even more. ❞

⇲ What are your future plans and what are your goals? What to expect from you in the future?
T.C.: ❝ My goals for the future is to continue to work hard and become the best player that I can be. ❞

⇲ Finally, the team proceeded to design and market a collectible jersey with part of the profits allocated to support children with special needs. Would you want to send a message to the world to support this important action?
T.C.: ❝ I think this is great to support kids with special needs and hopefully it supports the cause and helps out a lot! ❞